Recently the Moreton Bay Central Commerce (MBCC) Inc. was asked by Erin Smith, reporter for the Redcliffe Herald, what our vision was for Deception Bay for the next 5 years and Erin ran a very positive and engaging series of articles that captured the very essence of what we saw as the greatest attributes of the area as well as how we felt we could best capitalise on them.

The response has been remarkable with even more suggestions about how we can improve and build upon the areas attributes, and we believe that Deception Bay’s time to shine has arrived which has to be good for business.

Based on this and the events that led to up to it, the MBCC Inc has launched a campaign – it’s more like a movement – to highlight and celebrate all that is wonderful about Deception Bay and surrounding areas.

We have called it “It’s a beautiful day in Deception Bay” and we would love for you to get on board.

The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the beauty of the bay in which we live and work, through photography and story-telling.

We have created a dedicated Facebook page where people can post their photos of the bay to be judged by professional photographic judge, and where people can also share stories (250 words or less) of random acts of kindness by locals which will be judged by a publisher.  Judging will take place at the end of each month and winners are to be recognised on the page and by way of small, surprise gifts from the business community.

The first judging will be at the end of February so check it out now.  Go to:

Other ways you can get on board are:

  1. share this email with anyone you feel would be interested
  2. like and follow the Facebook page
  3. like and follow the contributions to the page to encourage participation
  4. make a donation as a prize – a small voucher or product – for which you will be given lots of recognition for your business
  5. tell your customers and suppliers and anyone else you connect with
  6. talk it up whenever you get the opportunity

We are very excited about the future of Deception Bay and as a Commerce we are really looking forward to seeing a positive impact on the business community.

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